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drawing conclusions: editorial cartoonists consider Hillary Rodham clinton

Drawing Conclusions: Editorial Cartoonists Consider Hillary Rodham ClintonA lively look at the motivations, approaches, and perceptions of editorial cartoonists as they followed the career of this most unusual First Lady. Nationally syndicated editorial cartoonists Jeff MacNelly, Mike Peters, Paul Szep, and Ann Telnaes (one of the very few women in the profession) comment on portrayals of Hillary Rodham Clinton, a First Lady who tapped into a deep reservoir of gender-based sentiments on the part of the U. S. public.

This video, together with "Running Mate," sparks hearty discussion over the evolving role of women in politics.

27 min. 1998 Available on DVD. Distributed by First Run Icarus Films.

An excellent resource for classes in rhetoric, visual communication, political discourse and gender studies. … a source of spirited classroom discussion and innovative assignments.” Diane S. Hope, Professor of Rhetoric and Visual Communication, Rochester Institute of Technology

"… succinctly and incisively helps viewers understand the nature of political satire and its place in American journalism. An excellent framework for class discussion and further research." Journalism & Mass Communication Educator, Spring 2000

Running mate: gender and politics in the editorial cartoons

Running Mate: Gender and Politics in the Editorial CartoonsGeraldine Ferraro's candidacy for Vice President in the 1984 presidential election drew fascinating gender-based commentary from editorial cartoonists. The subject of the first woman candidate on a major party ticket was irresistible. The video features interviews with Ferraro herself and with three political cartoonists - Tom Toles of the Buffalo News (now with The Washington Post), Signe Wilkinson of the Philadelphia Daily News, and with M. G. Lord of Newsday.

47 min. 1992 Available on DVD. Distributed by First Run Icarus Films.

4 Stars – Highly Recommended!…a great vehicle for generating group discussion in both adult academic and nonacademic settings.” Video Rating Guide for Libraries, Summer 1994.

trailblazer: the editorial cartoons of etta hulme

Etta HulmeAn engaging and affectionate look at the work of editorial cartoonist Etta Hulme (Ft. Worth Star-Telegram), one of the very few women in the field. Etta reflects with wisdom and humor on her experiences in the male-dominated profession of cartooning. While Running Mate and Drawing Conclusions focus on portrayals of prominent women, this video adds an in-depth perspective on how one woman cartoonist approaches her work. Hulme offers incisive, as well as humorous, reflections on her experience of working in the company of so many men.

View clip from video (2 mins 20 secs). Read Elaine's essay about the video.

25 min. 2004. Available on DVD. Distributed by e k miller Productions.


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Women with high visibility in the world of politics tend to attract gender commentary. Examples are Geraldine Ferraro's 1984 candidacy for vice president, and Hillary Clinton's ongoing career in politics, including a possible run for president in the 2016 election.


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